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1 year after saving a life, he’s rowing for cancer

September, 17th 2017

Lou Sidella is accustomed to pushing people to exertion. As a physical trainer and owner of BodyOne Fitness on Herondo Avenue in Hermosa Beach, Sidella has plenty of experience dealing with people out of breath. Nothing, however, compares to what happened to a client named Arturo Di Pietro. Just 10 minutes into a workout last year, Di Pietro entered full cardiac arrest and slumped to the floor between two rowing machines.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Sidella and two other gym members including Adriana Quirke and Jim Flick who performed CPR, Di Pietro survived and made a full recovery. The one-year anniversary of that life-saving action is Sept. 15, the same day the gym hosts its third annual Row for a Reason event to benefit the Cancer Support Community of Redondo Beach. Read More on Page 19.

‘Row for a Reason’ raises money for patients, families battling cancer

September, 18th 2018

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (KABC) — It’s the fourth annual Row for a Reason at Body One Fitness. The Redondo Beach gym wants to raise $25,000 for Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach. Read More.

Row for a Reason gears up for 4th annual fundraiser for Cancer Support Community

September, 6th 2018

Lou Sidella wants everyone to experience rowing as exercise. But he wants you to “row for a reason.”

His fourth annual “Row for a Reason” at Body One Fitness seeks to raise $25,000 for Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach. For a $50 donation per half-hour time slot, you row at your own pace. Bring family and friends to row also, or invite them to donate and you do the heavy lifting. Read More.

Event spotlight for Row for a Reason

September, 8th 2022

Body One Fitness will present the seventh annual “Row for a Reason” to raise funds for Cancer Support Community South Bay (CSC South Bay) from 4 to 10 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 9, and from 7 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 10 at Body One Fitness, 201 Herondo St., Suite 100, Redondo Beach. Read More.